Freedom is Not Free- thoughts on July 4, 2022

“Freedom is not free” is used to express our gratitude to the many members of the military for their risks and sacrifices in safeguarding our democracy. In Shreveport-Bossier we are so fortunate to have Barksdale Air Force Base with its Air Force Global Strike Command, Air Force Reserve Command, and Air Combat Command among many other services and personnel who make it a major presence in our community.

Not only are there many active duty and reservists with ties to Barksdale Air Force Base, the base has created a thriving retiree community with retirees from all facets of military life. Like many other residents of this area, I became a resident of Shreveport due in great part to the Base and its facilities available to retirees like my dad, Lt. Col John Rex Nelson, (Army). As a child, I spent many days at “the Base” with my family -shopping at the commissary and the “BX”; swimming at the huge swimming pool, and best of all, having free reign of the whole Base library and hours to read there while my mother attended to everything needed to take care of six children.

What a privilege it is to continue to be a part of “the Base” through our work with retirees, civilians, and active duty personnel with ties to Barksdale !

Blessings to all our military personnel and their families on this Independence Day!

Patricia and all the staff at Miramon Law, Inc.