Estate Planning is Important at Every Age. Read our article below to find out what documents you need.

Here are the documents we recommend each person have at certain ages. Contact us today to find out what is right for you!

At 18+

-> You Need a Power of Attorney and Living Will/  Healthcare Declaration.

20s & 30s

-> The Above +

  • Will to name an executor to handle things in the event of your death and to leave property to anyone other than your children (if you have them) or your siblings if you have no children
  • Will to name guardians for minor children
  • Trust to provide for children’s inheritance



-> The Above +

  • Trust to provide for grandchildren’s inheritance
  • You may need a funeral declaration

Remember, each estate plan is personalized. Our initial consultations are always free. Let our family help your family.

Estate Planning at Every Age

Estate Planning is Important at Every Age!