We provide FREE consultations and will look over an existing will. Please remember that Wills from legal websites such as Legal Zoom ARE NOT ALWAYS VALID in Louisiana!
Just this past week we have seen Wills that are not dated; Wills not signed on each page; Wills that do not name an executor; Wills that leave property to minors not in trusts; Wills that do not make provisions or forced heirs (children under 24 or disabled children of any age); Wills that do not dispose of all of a persons property; Wills that leave people property that is no longer owned; Wills that do not recognize community versus separate property; Wills that do not name an alternate beneficiary; Wills that lack the proper attestation clause at the end. We are also are seeing Wills done by Notaries (and in a couple cases Lawyers) that have these and other problems. Louisiana requires Wills to follow the exact law of Louisiana. If you have a handwritten will, one done by Notary, or one done by a lawyer who does not practice in the area of Estate Planning PLEASE let us take a look at them to make sure they are correct. It is very sad to have to tell your loved ones after you have died that your Will is not valid.
We do not charge for the initial consultation and we are happy to review your documents. We have appointment times to fit your needs and even Saturday appointments! Call our office today to schedule 318-869-0056 or schedule on our website www.Miramonlaw.com #miramonlaw #estateplanning #louisianalawyer #wills #sucession #probate #trusts #familyhelpingfamily