We get it. Thinking about death can be hard. But being informed and empowered can help you feel confident that regardless of what happens, your family is secure. You don’t want to run into any problems in estate planning!   

We help you plan for the future. By doing so, we allow you to relax in the present, knowing you have a plan and your loved ones will be taken care of.  

Did you know that if you pass away without a will your spouse doesn’t automatically inherit from you? Did you know that we still have forced heirship in Louisiana? Did you know that in most cases it is beneficial to file probate in Louisiana? Did you know you need a will to provide a guardian for your minor children in the event something happens to you?

At a minimum, every person should have a will which determines what happens to his property when you pass away. Each person should also have a power of attorney, which gives power to an agent to make medical or financial decisions in the event of incapacity. Each person should also have a living will stating they don’t want to be kept alive on life support if two doctors certify there is no chance of recovery. People who want to leave money to minors or have children under the age of 24 should consider trusts.

Some problems in estate planning:

  • Do it yourself-ers. Would you fix your own broken leg or would you see a doctor? The future of your family is worthy of professional help.
  • Taking advice from lawyers who practice in other areas. Would you see a dermatologist for your broken leg? But they are both doctors!
  • People who do not follow through. Your documents must be signed to be valid! Don’t wait! Something is better than nothing.
  • People who want the “form.” We don’t offer a one sized all approach. You are unique and so is your estate plan!
  • People who don’t want to plan because “they aren’t planning on dying.” Can you see and predict the future?

You can with estate planning! With estate planning you have a unique opportunity to predict the future. You have an opportunity to make things work easily for your loved ones or to make it hard for them. You have an opportunity to keep your family together or tear it apart. Which will you choose?

Over 35 years ago Patricia Miramon started an estate planning and elder law practice. Now, along with her daughter, these attorneys are taking steps to make Estate Planning and Probate an even more affordable and client centered experience. This mother daughter duo is passionate about helping people of all ages prepare for the future and protect their families.

                Patricia Nelson Miramon began her legal career in 1985, and started her own business in 1988. She has been actively involved in the areas of Estate Planning and Probate for decades. She is also an experienced trial attorney and can handle contested and complex cases. She started Lagniappe Fiduciary Services in 2018 to further expand into the roles of executor, agent under power of attorney, and trustee.

                Patricia enjoys reading and traveling, especially to Central America. She also enjoys spending time with her husband, three adult children, son in law, new grandson, and her black lab, “Ce-Ce.”

Julia Miramon Todd grew up watching Patricia practice in this field. After becoming a CPA and practicing oil and gas accounting, Julia went to LSU Law School and joined her mom at the firm. After welcoming a son in October 2020, Julia has become focused on letting people know that everyone, regardless of age, needs an estate plan.   

Julia enjoys being outside and spending time with her husband Tripp, son Rowe, and extended family and friends. She is an active member of the Junior League of Shreveport- Bossier. She also loves running, reading, and traveling.



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