Have you ever thought about what happens when a loved one passes away and Amazon continues to send them packages because they signed up for  “Subscribe and Save”?

Many of us have numerous digital assets including email accounts, bank statements, websites, credit card payments, social media accounts, and more. Left unmonitored, a hacker could access something as simple as an email account, which might in turn lead to access to a credit card and identity theft. Without planning, packages could continue to be delivered and credit cards charged long after you are gone. Additionally, family and friends might want access to your social media accounts, including memories and photos stored on the cloud.

We suggest documenting your digital legacy with an experienced estate planning attorney. This attorney can put in writing what you would like done with your digital assets in the event of your passing. Further, they can help you and your loved ones feel confident that everything that is important to your family will be taken care of, and that your memories will not be lost!