It certainly isn’t easy to contemplate our mortality, but not thinking about these types of things can often lead to hardship for our families in the future. There are a few items worth speaking to your family and friends about. Here are a few conversations that are worth having with your loved ones.

  1. Where your estate planning documents are located- are they in a safe? On file at the attorney’s office? Who is listed as the executor?
  2. A listing of your assets and liabilities. For example- Where are all of your bank accounts located? What are the account numbers? Who do you invest through? Is there a mortgage on your home? What type of regular bills are paid?
  3. Burial Plans
  4. A plan for your pet!
  5. A digital estate plan-  Have you thought about who could access your iCloud to retrieve photos in the event of your passing?
  6. Healthcare wishes in the event you become incapable.

These are just a few items that we suggest family members speak with each other about. To know more about any of these, contact us today!