Why should I choose an attorney who focuses on estate planning matters rather than a general attorney who practices all types of law? Would you have your general practitioner do your heart surgery? Like the medical profession, the legal profession does allow for attorneys to focus on specific areas of law. Though all attorneys have the same juris doctorate degree, estate planning attorneys solely focus on decisions that affect your family and your possessions after your death.

The intricacies in estate planning are extensive. Many estate planning documents may be required such as wills, general and financial powers of attorney, living wills, trusts, and more. Our attorneys can help you establish your estate plan properly and protect your assets.

While general attorneys may have some knowledge of the law and be able to handle some parts of the estate planning process, they may not be aware of the many exceptions and details an attorney who limits their practice to only estate planning will know.

If you want estate planning, utilize an attorney who focuses on estate planning.