Online access to accounts  after death is important. At the time of death, survivors may need to manage financial accounts and pay debts, taxes, and expenses. Without access to emails and online banking information, this may become burdensome and time consuming.

Because there is a transition to digital records in doctors offices as well as bill providers, access to this information becomes much more difficult without a paper trail. Emails contain payment receipts as well as information about transfers of funds in this electronic era.

Identity theft after death also poses a problem. When a person no longer is monitoring their email accounts, it becomes easier for criminals to hack accounts, open new credit card accounts, etc.

Social media accounts have become more commonplace to console the living. While there is little financial value to these items, these have a value far beyond money as pictures and notes are left on social media pages from family and friends.

Ineffective or inadequate planning for digital access may cause economic and emotional harm.