It doesn’t need to be said (or maybe it does!) that we can best help you and your family when you plan for your disability and distribution of your assets when you are healthy and have the time to make the best decisions. When you give us your time and attention without being in a hurry we can better serve you. Waiting until the last minute or failing to plan at all only results in frustration for you and your loved ones. I was given a lovely piece of jewelry by my husband for our wedding anniversary in November. It needed to be re-sized, and he wanted it done by Christmas. When we hadn’t heard from the jeweler by December 21, he suggested that I stop by and try to hurry it along or call and find out when it would be ready. Because I had worked for a jeweler when I was in college, and I knew the stress and busyness of a jewelry store at Christmas. I promptly replied that under no circumstances would I rush a jeweler! I would rather have him spend quality time on my ring getting it perfect instead of trying to fit into an arbitrary time line. As it turned out, it was ready on Christmas Eve and we all couldn’t be more pleased. I tell this story because it applies to all our lives. We all want things done quickly and we all have deadlines. But our deadlines are not necessarily in our best interest. You want to have your lawyer spend the amount of time on your case to get things right. Rushing only increases the likelihood of getting something maybe not perfect. Please do yourself ( and us!) a favor and make a resolution to get your estate plan in order this year.